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Rochester Youth Outreach is a faith-based youth ministry operating under our charter that we believe is unique in its scope and dedication to collaboration with other agencies to foster community interaction. Working closely with the other service groups in our organization, RYO aims to serve youth in two major areas, Education and Health/Wellness. RYO uses a youth empowerment-based model to promote skill-building, leadership and artistic expression.

Our goal is to integrate the Arts in a way that will both inspire and stimulate the individual child. We believe that through the arts and creative exploration a young person can better connect with themselves and the world around them. We want to intrigue, expand, and encourage youth into motivated and well-rounded individuals who believe they are capable of achieving their aspirations. Upon this, we believe that artistic expression promotes community as well as motivates a child towards positive personal growth. We are taking the steps necessary to inspire young people through the arts.

RYO offers youth an opportunity to participate on all levels of our program's operation. From planning through implementation and evaluation, youth are afforded the chance to work closely with peers, community residents, and Rochester Youth Year volunteers to achieve positive outcomes through exploration of the arts and more, leading to the following positive outcomes:

1. Greater sense of self and civic responsibility through community interaction.
2. Improvement of youth/ law enforcement relations.
3. Creation of fun opportunities for youth to learn life skills and explore career possibilities including but not exclusive to the arts.


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