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Overview - Past and Future

His Branches opened on Arnett Boulevard in the heart of the City of Rochester, NY in 1978 with a lot of community support as part of a progressive vision, dream, and prayer. The vision was of people from all walks of life being helped by gifted doctors and nurses working with others who were living out their faith caring for those in need. The dream encompassed fostering the restoration and growth of communities where children could grow up in healthy families, play in safe neighborhoods, worship in vibrant churches, and learn in enriching schools. Over the years our name has highlighted our source of inspiration, encouragement, and strength: He is the Vine, the root and source of our motivation, and we are His Branches, grafted in and being renewed daily to serve.

Starting with just Dr. Morehouse and Rita Donnelly as his full-time, multifunction staff support person, His Branches Health Services, Embracing Options, Rochester Youth Outreach, and the Arnett Block Association have grown to employ five providers and four project leaders supported by a full staff and many volunteers.

In addition to the health care, counseling and youth services being offered, His Branches also has collaborative relationships with other local institutions. These collaborative partners are part of a broader vision for our community in which we desire to go beyond individual medical needs to address broader community needs. 

Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated local community business and not-for-profit professionals, some of whom have been serving His Branches Inc. for many years. Our Board is in an ongoing internal growth process to further diversify its skills and composition and strengthen its leadership.

As the founder of our ministry, Dr. William Morehouse has maintained and promoted a progressive vision for healthy and whole communities. His faithful service has been felt throughout the City of Rochester and beyond. There are few places you can go in Rochester that do not know about Dr. Morehouse. While many doctors have come and gone during his tenure, Dr. Morehouse and his family have lived in the same neighborhood as His Branches for 35 years. He has been recognized for numerous achievements, including being honored in 2002 with the "Leo Holmsten Human Life Award" for his pro-life work in the community and in 2005 with the "Health Care Achievement Award" by the Rochester Business Journal as well as being cited by the Monroe County Legislature twice in the past decade for his work. He and his wife Susan have also served for years as Faculty Advisors for the Christian medical students at the University of Rochester Medical Center and were instrumental in starting and maintaining an active parallel to the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) in the Rochester area called the Greater Rochester Medical Community Christian Fellowship (GRMCCF).

Through our affiliation with the Christian Community Health Fellowship we have also begun to develop mutually supportive relationships with our regional counterparts in the Buffalo and Syracuse areas and believe that our collaboration has the potential to make a significant impact on the availability of faith-based health care in New York and beyond. It has long been a partially fulfilled dream of Dr. Morehouse’s to see the scope of our services expand in Rochester, export his vision for care to other areas, and see his work outlive his service locally. Your Kingdom investment is vitally needed as we cultivate that process and begin to the lay the foundations for the transfer of leadership to the next generation.

Where we are now (roll over image for glimpse of one potential future)

Click on map for 11/6/11 Democrat & Chronicle article about Poverty in Rochester.

Home Health Youth Community Connect Counseling

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