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Welcome to

the home office of

His Branches!

This is the waiting room at Grace Family Medicine at 340 Arnett Boulevard with two of our nine comfortable examining rooms pictured below.

Around the corner is our back wing at 265 Warwick Avenue, which houses Rochester Youth Outreach.

This is the hallway in the RYO suite that leads to our Prayer Room and a shared conference room, an area that is also easily accessible from Grace Family Medicine, our upstairs office suites at 342 Arnett Blvd., and directly from our parking lot at 350 Arnett Blvd.

We have a delightful enclosed back yard outside RYO, a bit of green space in an otherwise rather commercial location.

Down the hallway from our Prayer Room is our community conference room, flanked by a small kitchenette and public bathroom, all joined together by another airy corridor.

Here's a quiet space in our upstairs administrative office suite where staff often come for smaller meetings or a break.

A bird's-eye view from upstairs where His Branches and Embracing Options have their offices, with a glimpse of the RYO yard, our city neighborhood, and the Arnett Branch Library down the street.

Thanks for stopping by to see us on the web!
We'd love to have you visit us in person sometime.

Home Health Youth Community Connect Counseling

Bringing hope, healing and restoration where it's needed the most.

His Branches, Inc. - 342 Arnett Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14619

Phone: (585) 235-9000 - Fax: (585) 235-4131