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Arnett Block Association

Neighborhood restoration and revitalization

The Arnett Block Association works collaboratively with concerned neighbors, police officers, building inspectors, and other local agencies in the 19th Ward area near Arnett Blvd. to improve the safety of our streets and develop a greater sense of community. We seek to:

  1. network with citizens and community support agencies seeking common solutions to neighborhood problems like drugs, gangs, violence, dishonest businesses, landlords, litter, graffiti, etc.

  2. connect with community services and agencies in constructive ways.

  3. develop positive community-building projects and events.


Home Health Youth Community Connect Counseling

Bringing hope, healing and restoration where it's needed the most.

His Branches, Inc. - 342 Arnett Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14619

Phone: (585) 235-9000 - Fax: (585) 235-4131